The Mediterranean Sea is a unique geographical and cultural space that unites 22 countries and over 450 million people. Breaking with its tradition of common solidarity and shared prosperity, a series of crises is putting its sustainability in jeopardy. At the environmental level, climate change and human pollution are damaging the state of natural ecosystems and weakening access to water, energy and food. At the social level, political instability and poor humanitarian policies create huge migration of populations with dramatic collateral human cost. At the economic level, unemployment and immature industries prevent equitable and inclusive development.

This forum aims to reflect on these major regional challenges through participatory and cross-cutting activities, putting the focus on the Mediterranean Sea as a source of opportunities for cultural, social, environmental and economic wealth. It will draw collective and shared thinking and actions towards a more sustainable and peaceful development of the Mediterranean region. This event, organized by the Mediterranean civil society, features debates, workshops, exhibitions and meetings – virtual and face-to-face- with the participation of relevant actors from the Euro-Mediterranean political, economic and social world.

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