We are pleased to welcome you to the Energy Economics Iberian Conference, EEIC | CIEE which joins together the recently created Associação Portuguesa de Economia da Energia (APEEN) and the Asociación Española para la Economía Energética (AEEE).

The EEIC takes place on February 4-5, 2016, in Lisbon, Portugal, being hosted by ISEL – Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa in cooperation with the University of Aveiro.

The APEEN (www.apeen.org) and AEEE (www.aeee.es) are, respectively, the Portuguese and the Spanish divisions of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) which, among other activities, promote the organization of an annual meeting on Energy Economics.

Energy systems are becoming increasingly interdependent and integrated in Europe, namely on the Iberian countries, raising the importance of resources management, energy markets integration, technological developments, climate change impacts, environmental and climate policies.

This first edition of the Iberian conference on energy economics intends to be a premier forum for the exchange of ideas and to discuss the development of the energy markets in Iberian Peninsula, in Europe and throughout the world. The joint APEEN and AEEE conference strengthens ties among the academia, industry, regulators, competition authorities and policy makers.

The two-day program includes several plenary sessions with keynote speakers from recognized energy institutions, industry, market agents and prominent academicians. The parallel scientific sessions and workshops will cover a wide variety of topics in energy economics, including energy and climate policies, carbon markets, modeling, simulation and forecasting, regulation and competition laws.

We are looking forward to hosting this special event and to see you in Lisbon !


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