Mountain ecosystems are heavily influenced by the physical characteristics of mountains, as well as climate, biodiversity selection, and resource availability. Human use, on the other hand, has been particularly intense in mountains, especially in Europe. These ecosystems have not only fostered the development of natural biodiversity but also of cultural diversity, which is equally important. The increasing rate of resource use, either in traditional terms or in terms of industry and infrastructure, puts biodiversity at risk.

Threats to diversity are particularly noticeable in the Pyrenean Range, one of the biodiversity-rich ecotonal barriers between Central Europe and the Mediterranean area, that has been both secularly exploited by, and made refuge for, peculiar forms of culture and society.

The Conference aims to review studies on various topics relevant to sustainable development and protection in Pyrenees: tourism and its impact on biodiversity, landscape ecology or livestock production, the setup of agendas for future management, conservation and development efforts in the Mountains.

Themes of the Conference are environmental pollution, ecosystems functions and services, biodiversity and conservation, landscape ecology and land uses,environmental impact assessment and management, and future threats, with special focus on the effects of climate change.

Se celebrará en la Facultad de Ciencias de la  Universidad de Navarra del 19 al 22 de Octubre


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