Following the publication of the EU’s biodiversity strategy, the EUROPARC Federation is launching a new initiative to help realise the contribution of green health to Europe’s green recovery. The webinar will hear from those working in both Parks and Health sectors on this initiative, and how it contributes to the new approach to linking health and nature now needed in the COVID-19 era.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted more than ever how essential human connection to nature is. Parks and Protected areas are a vital “natural health service”, but need guidance, idea and investment to make sure they can deliver the benefits people need.
A healthy park, nature rich, with safe and accessible infrastructure vital though that is, can be enriched with coherent and integrated policy framework, and collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between the park and health sectors.

Healthy Parks Healthy People Europe, born out of tried and tested experience from across Europe, has been developed as a tool to enable health/parks partnerships to be built. It seeks to give a framework considering the main aspects of what a Healthy Park Healthy People programme would look like, conceptually and practically.

A toolkit and case studies built on real time real life experience will give ideas and practical solutions to park and health sectors looking to embark on a partnerships to gain the most health benefits for their community whilst ensure a resilient spaces for nature also to thrive.