LIFECYCLE is a european research project (funded through the EU H2020 programme) which willl establish the EuroCHILD Cohort Network,bringing together existing, successful pregnancy and child cohorts and biobanks, to generate new integrated data on early life stressors related to socio-economic, migration, urban environment and life-style determinants. Ultimately, LIFECYCLE will lead to a unique sustainable EuroCHILD Cohort Network, and provide recommendations for targeted prevention strategies by identification of novel markers of early life stressorsrelated to health trajectories throughout the lifecycle.

  • Lugar:Campus Mar- Barcelona
  • Main duties and tasks:
    • Work under basic supervision.
    • Work directly with scientists on-site and european collaborators to collect Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data.
    • Preparation of project drawings and related documents, maintaining technical files.
    • Expanding de existing models of urban environment stressors developed under the HELIX project, to encompass all the EuroCHILD network partners.
    • Harmonizing exposure indices for stressors in the urban environment, including air pollution, noise, green space, connectivity and walkability measurements.
    • Additional responsibilities and/or duties as found relevant and neccesary during the course of the project
  • Training and experience:
    • Master in Environmental Sciences, Geographical Information Systems, Public Health, or other relevant subject.
    • Five years experience in GIS and child health research
  • Skills:
    • Fully proficient in the use of GIS systems including ArcGIS, Postgresql, Postgis, QGIS, Spatialite, SQlite, ENVI.
    • Fully proficient in the use of programming languages SQL, Python and R.
    • Experience working in cohort research and complex data.
    • High proficiency of English.
    • More than 5 years experience working with GIS.
    • Good written and oral communication skills.
    • Good analystical and problema solving skills.
    • Self-motivated.
    • Work independently.
    • Team-oriented.
    • Able to manage multiple tasks and provide leadership to other team members.
  • Languages:
    English (written and spoken), and Spanish will be preferable.
  • How to apply:Applicants must send a CV and a cover letter and passport copy by email to,
    with the subject heading GIS_TECHNICIAN
    The closing date for the receipt of applications is 31/05/2017.

    Applications will be accepted until 17.00 CET of the closing date.

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